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A powerful Shamanic Training that enables you to make valuable connections between the physical and the non-physical, between the head and the heart and the coherence of resonant fields in relationships. You learn to discover and restore blockage in your flow of life. Blockage in the flow of life leads to loss of energy, disharmony in the functioning of the body and unrestful thinking.

By experiencing the potential of your resonant field yourself, your confidence grows to deal with things (in a different way). You are challenged to use your personal strength, to learn from others and to continue this after the training. This working method gives the opportunity to investigate the cause of specific family issues, relationship problems and team dynamics. A powerful method that stimulates conscious contact with other levels of reality where transformations can take place.

You are able to influence the effect of resonant fields on the physical, emotional and mental being. With the newly learned information from the training days, you restore blocking in your flow of life and even in difficult situations you keep your head cool and you can make a difference.

In the Tribal Warrior Training you go back to your original strength, your roots. You feel that it is your time to change and you are actually looking for new opportunities. The training provides an in-depth insight into your own motives. What are your strengths and weaknesses and where are your limits and challenges. We keep a primal mirror in front of you, after which you draw conclusions yourself and can make other choices.

During the training days you will get started with the following questions:
• What does it require of me to live fully?
• What do I get energy from and what invalidates me?
• Why do certain people and situations cost so much energy?
• How do I get a grip on my own life?
• What are my talents?
• What suits my personality?

The Tribal Warrior gives you inspiration for a concrete goal in your life. You learn to consciously make choices based on self-knowledge and self-wisdom. This feels like a relief! Living from your origin ultimately yields more passion, zest for life and strength. What does the training deliver in concrete terms? You have insight into your original motives and your personal resonance field. You can better assess your own qualities and develop them further. You see opportunities to choose your own path and make other conscious choices.

Who is this for? You want to understand your original power and make optimal use of your personal resonance field. You have life experience and are at a crossroad. Go straight and continue or are you really taking a new route? You want a change in your current situation, your relationship, your job and you want to completely change your course. You deserve a powerful moment full of challenge and reflection to consciously make choices that suit you.


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