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A powerful Shamanic Training that enables you to make valuable connections between the physical and the non-physical, between the head and the heart and the coherence of resonant fields in relationships.

Celebrate your full aliveness through breath, movement, sound and touch. Deepen your intimacy with the group intelligence and allow yourself to be moved by a deeper connection to yourself and others.

Tribal Circles is a place where you can be held in your own process of awakening, focused on experiencing the Tribal Spirit and making the impact you're destined to make.

A powerful opportunity to upgrade your inner world, deep, embodied and connected with like-minded people who are on a mission to heal  wounds, traumas and neglect, together in community. 

Learn to discover and restore blockage in your flow of life. Blockage in the flow of life leads to loss of energy, disharmony in the functioning of the body and unrestful thinking.

By experiencing the potential of your resonant field yourself, your confidence grows to deal with things (in a different way). You are challenged to use your personal strength, to learn from others and to continue this after the training.

Stimulate conscious contact with other levels of reality where transformations can take place.

Tribal Circles gives you inspiration for a concrete goal in your life. You learn to consciously make choices based on self-knowledge and self-wisdom. This feels like a relief! Living from your origin ultimately yields more passion, zest for life and strength.


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