Coen Tuerlings developed the Shaman Voice Method influenced by indigenous and ritual ways of thinking and traditions. It is a simple and powerful method that stimulates conscious contact with other levels of reality where transformations can take place. The information that becomes clear can be a valuable addition to the daily reality level. A supplement that is often not obvious and delivers remarkable results.

The Shaman Voice method is a powerful method to develop an extra dimension in your voice with long lasting sounds, full of overtones and vibrational patterns that have a healing effect.

You develop a deep contact with your original soul song. A state of being where everything automatically falls into place and you stand strong in your own power.

Your body aligns itself with the flowing movements of the natural resonances that we can perceive physically. With the Shaman Voice method you give an extra boost to these resonances and you reach for the higher frequencies of the non-physical with the aim of creating a space where healing can take place.

You are able to influence the resonant fields on the physical, emotional and mental being with your voice. You learn to discover and restore blockage in the flow of life. Blockage in the flow of life leads to loss of energy, disharmony in the functioning of the body and unrestful thinking. Even in difficult situations you keep your head cool and you can make a difference.


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